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Exercise 4-3 Determine the type of adjective

Determine what type of adjective appears before the blank space. Type your answer using the abbreviations below.  

proper = p

demonstrative = de

interrogative = i

quantitative = q

distributive = di

  1. We're an American ____ band.

  2. This____ fair opened last Saturday

  3. Which____ game would you like to play?

  4. I have a friend who wants to climb Peruvian____ mountains.

  5. Jackie came in fourth____ place in the tennis tournament.

  6. Every ____ student entered the math contest.

  7. Could you water these_____plants?

  8. Whose____balloon is that?

  9. Each____ tomato plant should be watered before you leave.

  10. There are six____ students in my online class.

  11. Which____ power source makes Superman fly?

  12. I want to know more about European____ and African____  history.

  13. Stevie wants to be the first____ in line for lunch.

  14. Those____ books belong in the library.

  15. I hurt my foot on that_____ cactus.

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