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Exercise 4-1 Determine the type of descriptive adjective

Read the following sentences and find all of the adjectives, and type your answers in the space provided. Show whether each adjective is positive (p), negative (n), or absolute (a). If positive or negative, also show whether it is expressed in the comparative (c) or superlative form (s). 

  1. The child found an unusual ____  shell on the beach.

  2. The firecracker made the loudest ____ noise.

  3. Jeremy kept a neater ____ room than his sister.

  4. The papers are sticky ____ now that he spilled syrup on them.

  5. I want to hear news that is better ____ than yesterday’s headlines.

  6. The scientist made an amazing ____ discovery.

  7. Caitlin has a unique ____opportunity.

  8. She is happiest_____ when reading in the warm sun.

  9. Do we live in an infinite____ universe or a finite____ one?

  10. The beautiful ____ cloak had multiple colors and was made of silk.

  11. The mysterious____  house appeared to be haunted.

  12. I like Wrede’s blue____ donkey in the Enchanted ____ Forest Chronicles.

  13. The strong ____ coffee was not too sweet____ .

  14. Alice was the strongest ____ gymnast in the competition.

  15. The table lamp had a bigger____  shade than the desk lamp.

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