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Exercise 5-1 Choose the Format for the Report

Each of the following statements could be used as a topic for a writing assignment.  Read each of the topics, then list in the space provided which of the five formats you would use if you were going to write an essay for each.

1 = Compare and Contrast

2 = By Category

3 = Order by Location, or Spatial Order

4 = Order of Importance

5 = Climactic Order


1. Review the book, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban_____

2. Places kids like downtown _____


3. Country living and city life _____


4. Raise money to build a basketball court _____


5. Using the internet and using the library for research _____


6. What happened in the movie, The Secret Garden? _____


7. Hire a crossing guard to work in the front of the school. _____


8. What are the western states in America? _____


9. Change lunch hour for older students at the school. _____


10. Where does the bike route go in the city? _____











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