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Communication Concepts and Skills for Success

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Punctuation Refresher

Everyone needs a refresher now and then. This eBook covers all of the main punctuation points in PDF format.  You can search for a particular type of punctuation from the contents page, and then click on the page title to return to search again.

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Learn about skills employers require right now

Learn about the communication skills required by employers in today's highly technical business environment.  

Grammar Refresher

Are plurals and possessives confusing? What about words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings?  Purchase this eBook and use it for every day reference when writing.  


Writing Refresher #1 - 
Sentence Structure

If it's been a while since you took English 101, and you think your writing skills could use some recharging, consider this eBook.  Revive your understanding of passive and active voice.  Revitalize your writing with a refresher about sentences from simple to complex.  

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