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Exercise 1-1 - Common and Proper Nouns

Let’s try some exercises identifying nouns. Read the following sentences. Enter a "c" for common or a "p" for proper next to each noun.  If you do not see the "c" or "p" after you type it, note that it will show up when you go to the next input box.

1. The boy       chased the dog      through town       .

2. H.G. Wells        wrote "The Time Machine       ."

3. Elliott  and his sister      played Uno       at school      when it rained.
4. Ms. Thornton      gave a speech      at the meeting       .
5. I am learning Spanish       and English       .
6. The alarm     did not work correctly.
7. I started a Facebook       page.
8. He did complete the math assignment      .
9. Jane      bought new shoes,       dresses,      and a purse      at Penny's      .
10. She learned to write stories       by taking a class       .
11. He walked to the store  with Kyle       , Bill       , and Robert       .
12. I learned to use my skateboard       after I watched Nyjah Huston     on You Tube       .
13. Janice       trained her poodle       to jump like a kangaroo       .
14. Mike       moved to Washington       after living in Florida       .
15. The fan      worked well after the electrician       installed it in the den     .
You can check your answers against the answer key in the workbook.

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