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Exercise 1-3  Animate or inanimate and concrete or abstract nouns


Identify the nouns in the following sentences and write whether each is animate (a) or inanimate (i). Also consider whether it is a concrete (c) or abstract (ab) noun. Each noun in this exercise can have two properties.




The kids (a, c) swam in the creek (i, c) and fun ( i, ab) was had by all.

  1. They say curiosity____ is an important quality____.

  2. The colonists____ fought for liberty____.

  3. Janice____benefited from her grandfather's____ wisdom____.

  4. She told Jesse____to put the picture____ on the bookshelf____.

  5. Julian____wants to work as a firefighter____, so he joined a gym____ to get in shape.

  6. Justice____ will prevail.

  7. "Honesty____ is the best policy____," according to an old saying____.

  8. Happiness____ may just be a good guitar____ and a few lessons____.

  9. Enjoy youth____ while you have it.

  10. Please move the chairs____ into the dining room____.

  11. She pledged her allegiance____ when she became a citizen____.

  12. The door____ was not closed properly, and the small dog____ ran onto the lawn.

  13. The stars____ are brighter away from the city____.

  14. The cell phone ____rang loudly.

  15. His printer____ ran out of ink____.

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