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Exercise 1-5 - Compound, hyphenated, common, and proper nouns

Read the sentences below, then find all of the compound nouns in each sentence. In the
space provided, type "t" beside the noun for two separate words, "h" for hyphenated (easy
giveaway), and "cb" for combined. Also type "c" for common and "p" for proper nouns as
you encounter them in this exercise.


  1. She dove into the blue water____ while her stepmother_____ watched.

  2. Alice____ wrapped a gold coin____ in ribbon____ and gave it to her mother-inlaw____.

  3. Going to Niagra Falls____ is the best memory____Cory____ has of his childhood____.

  4. Chelsea doesn't like orange juice____, tomato juice____, or onions____.

  5. Jose____, who is a character actor____, tried out for the part____ of Dracula____at the playhouse____.

  6. He used a sauce mix____ in the chicken casserole____.

  7. Jacob's sister-in-law____ received a ticket from a police officer____.

  8. The firefighter____ rushed into the house____ after the fire____ was extinguished.

  9. Megan____ took the role____ of lady-in-waiting____ in the school play____.

  10. The magician____ could not complete the rabbit trick____.

  11. The rabbit____ ran away from the stagehand____ and hopped out the back door____.

  12. It takes sandpaper____ to make the wood____ smooth.

  13. I have read that jellyfish____ are poisonous.

  14. The taxi driver____ pulled off the freeway____ because of the rain____.

  15. Michael____ bought a jigsaw puzzle____ for his grandfather____.

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