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Exercise 6-1 Find the preposition and the prepositional phrase

Look for the prepositional phrase in each of the sentences. On the line below the sentence, type the phrase. Some sentences may contain two or three prepositional phrases.

1. She found a mouse behind the bookshelf.


2. Katie searched for the necklace throughout the house. _____________________________________________

3. She found it inside a box beneath her bed and brought the necklace into the living room. _________________________________________________________

4. Pay attention to the lecture in the large auditorium. __________________________________________

5. You can watch the meteor shower after dark tonight . ____________________________________

6. The class went to the art museum despite rumors that it closed. ___________________________________________

7. My friend and I visited the zoo before noon.


8. The cake is not done until she adds frosting.


9. Look in the distance and see the falcon over the hill. _______________________________________________

10. Malik maneuvered the canoe across the lake between the islands. _______________________________________________

11. There it sits atop a nest without another eagle within sight. _________________________________________

12. Can you make a model car with this kit?


13. She will win the game against all odds.


14. He finished the job within an hour.


15 Is there a store near here?


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