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Excercise 2-1  Pronouns

Read the sentences, then enter the type of pronoun in the space provided as follows:
personal pronoun (p), indefinite pronoun (i), or interrogative pronoun (q).

  1. The bike belongs to him____ and the motorcycle is hers____.

  2. No one____ has come to the door today.

  3. You____ and I____ have an appointment to keep today, and neither wants to go.

  4. Neither one ____wants to leave the concert.

  5. Who____ is calling at this hour?

  6. Everybody____ on the road slowed down when the deer crossed the street.

  7. They____ read the instructions that you gave them.

  8. What____ is your cousin’s name?

  9. Do you____ know anyone____ in this room?

  10. Everyone____ joined in whether able to sing or not.

  11. Every time I____ see that hairless cat in the yard I____ wonder whose____ cat it is.

  12. Which____ one of you____ logged onto the computer today?

  13. Is anyone____ up for a game of basketball?

  14. I____ think the red notebook is yours____.

  15. No one____ claimed the oversized poodle on the midway at the fair.

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