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Exercise 2-3 -  Possessive, reflexive, and pointing pronouns 

Determine  whether the pronouns in the sentences below are pointing, possessive, or reflexive.  In the space provided, type a "p" for pointing, a "pa" for possessive adjective, "ps" for possessive pronoun, and a "r" for reflexive. Refer to the charts in this chapter for help if needed.

  1. That____ is mine.

  2. My___  dinosaur is taller than hers.

  3. Evan watched himself___ on video after pitching in the baseball game.

  4. This___ is the way to the store.

  5. I stopped myself____ from taking a nap at school even though I was tired.

  6. The team congratulated themselves____ for winning the game.

  7. His____ little brother's name is Owen.

  8. That____is ours____.

  9. Those____ are theirs____.

  10. The dark blue jacket is mine____.

  11. Her____ sister swims well.

  12. All these_____ are yours____.

  13. Josalyn launched herself____ into the air.

  14. The students kept to themselves____.

  15. I have a rabbit, and I'm glad he is mine____.

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