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Exercise 3-3 - Determine verb tense

In this exercise, figure out which of the 12 tenses the verb is expressing. After you have read the sentences, type the following identifying verb codes below in the space provided. Refer to the charts in this chapter to refresh your memory.

  1. Alex wrote____ _to his friend in Canada.

  2. Tomorrow you will have finished_____ the science project.

  3. Jacob had climbed_____ onto his bike and and ridden_____ up the mountainous dirt trail away from the storm.

  4. She is working_____ as hard as she can.

  5. Jennifer is walking_____ to school because the car is in the shop.

  6. That little dog hid _____ the stick from me.

  7. The little girl held_____ her mother’s hand in the crowded mall.

  8. The shirt ripped ______ at the seam even though the woman thought she had sewn____ it well.

  9. The group works ____ well together.

  10. The senator ran_____ for re-election.

  11. He woke_____ late yesterday and today.

  12. The woman left_____ without a word.

  13. Don’t leave____ before dessert.

  14. While the veterinarian examined_____ the terrier, the dog shook_____ with fear and yelped____.

  15. By the end of the week, he will have passed_____ the driving test.


pr = present simple

ps=past simple

fs=future simple

pstpr=past progressive

pstpp=past perfect progressive

fp=future perfect

fpr=future progressive

fpp=future perfect progressive

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