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Take Your Communication Skills to the Next Level

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Give yourself a communication transformation!

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Unlock the concepts behind the skills

What can you learn from a communication class? In many courses, the focus is only on the writing process or how to present and speak effectively.  While extremely important, these skills alone do not begin to tell the whole story about communication. What knowledge lies behind writing and speaking skills that helps you become an effective communicator?

Hidden concepts drive the communication process.  Learn about communication barriers and semantic noise. Explore critical thinking and logic. Discover group dynamics and how to lead a project team.  Reflect on the soft skills required for success.

In addition to covering these subjects (and more), you will also find instructions and tips to improve your writing and speaking skills.

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About your instructor

Lori Harvill Moore, course creator and author, holds a bachelor's degree in communication from Arizona State University.  She has worked in a variety of industries: semi-conductor manufacturing; mortgage business; online retail; regional grocery corporations; and health care.   

She has seen first-hand how communication in large, medium, and small companies works and fails to work.  Now she wants to share her knowledge to help others develop skills that are in high demand today.

Lori has 40 years of experience in positions requiring skills as varied as the industries in which she served:  writing, managing projects and people, database development, data analysis, programming, and training. 

She is the author of Business Communication: Achieving Results, Organizational Vital Signs, the How and Why of Communication Audits, and Fragments of Seasons - Poetry.  During her career, she also penned articles published in Arizona Electronics, American Baby Magazine, Tucson Business Digest, and Tucson Business Journal.  A personal essay of Lori's appeared in the American River Literary Review.

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